SourMouy collaborates with SideKick to work on increasing awareness of students and youth on disinformation and manipulation of information online, privacy, and digital safety in Cambodia. We aim to inform, educate and inspire students and youth especially those who are in the rural areas to consume social media with less risky behavior, be responsible, be safe, spending quality time on those platforms. To reach a digital literacy campaign, we work on the following steps:


1.      Media landscape in Cambodia 2021: We conduct a desk review on the media landscape in Cambodia in order to understand the current overall situation. You can find our report on the media landscape in Cambodia in July 2021.


2.      Expert interviews: We conduct five in-depth expert interviews on youth's media consumption and behaviors with Cambodia's Young Leaders & Influencers (of KAS's publication), whose expertise are digital skills, entrepreneurship, media, activism, and culture.


3.      Human-centered research design training. Our young digital literacy researchers are trained and equipped with "human center research skills" by the senior and experienced researchers of the Center for Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Research Binus University-International, Jakarta, Indonesia. The purpose of the training was to ensure that Sour Mouy digital literacy researchers are able to:


-          Know the basics in conducting human-centered design research.

-          Know the tools and know-how of online human-centered design research.

-          Use relevant tools to conduct online human-centered design research. 

-          Develop preliminary data analysis (thematic clusters and user journey maps). 


4.      Audience research: Since it is human-centered research, we have identified social media users, studied their family backgrounds, whole four-day observations on media consumption and daily life activities, following-up chats & calls, and in-depth in-person interviews. Each of our digital literacy researchers takes responsibility in four provinces:  


o   Mareudoeb Khuoy (Kampong Speu)

o   Moro Kort Kheav (Phnom Penh)

o   Reaksa Chhoem (Battambang)

o   Chhayheng Soth (Ratanakiri)


5.      Roundtable discussion: SourMouy is to conduct a roundtable discussion by presenting key research findings of audience research prior to the discussion with the key local media experts. The core objective is to collect feedback from relevant media stakeholders.


6.      Design campaign message and strategies: We design digital literacy campaign strategies and messages with core objectives to inform, educate and inspire youth to consume social media with less risky behavior, be responsible, be safe, spending quality time on those platforms.


7.      Social media campaign: Sour Mouy is to conduct a month-long social media campaign.


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